1962 Normal Engine

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Wilsonville, OR
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Hi folks,

Years ago, I purchased a 1962 normal engine with the intent to rebuild it, mainly as a hobby activity. Since then, life has happened, and I don't intend on finishing it. I'd like to move on with this (ill-fated) chapter of my life.

The short block was assembled, sheet metal hasn't been touched. I'd expect that you'd probably want this for parts. New (at the time) 1720 pistons and cylinders. Everything else is in bins.

I'm currently deployed overseas right now. I expect that I'll be home in January. If you're interested, or would like a better description, please email me at brian.r.roche@gmail.com.

I'd prefer to keep this in the community, and not put this listing on CraigsList.

Brian Roche


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