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2013 First Annual NW Tubday

Ruth and I have really been looking forward to our 2013 driving season “Kick Off” tour. This was supposed to be the beginning of a new Northwest tradition- bringing the 356 enthusiasts from Oregon, Washington and maybe even Canada together in different parts of our region. This year we gathered in Longview, WA and next year we will meet in Oregon and after that maybe the Tri Cities, Coeur-d'alene, Vancouver B.C.; who knows what the beautiful Pacific Northwest holds in store for us.
Read the rest of the story in the June/July Designr.

Mike Liljestrom's picture

Mike's 356B

Robert Drake's picture

356B- Was my Dads favorite car ever

Has been a family member for many years

Robert Cugini's picture

Robert Cugini Pre-A Coupe

Full Restoration, now owned by Art Swanson.
Has a 912 engine and 741 transmission.

John Brooks's picture

John & Rene Brooks

in the Photo taken in 1967. I bought this T-6 Roadster. it replaced a 59 A Coupe. Thats my old 59A cab with a reutter hard top. Its still alive in Texas. The blue nose is a 66 912 and way up in the back is dads 67 911S. One of the NW group got the CAB the top frame from me 20 years ago. I still have the 912 and the Rdstr.

Our Heron Grey Coupe

Mollie and I purchased the coupe in 1975 in Riverside, California.
Painting and restoration work by Gene Tomazin done in 1977.
At the time, Gene, his dad and his brother Paul ran a small specialty
Porsche restoration shop in Riverside. In those days, body panels and parts were plentiful through places like Aase Brothers in Long Beach as well as Stoddard.
Southern California had probably 80% of the registered Porsches in the USA.

Ruth and Mike's Silver B

This is our first 356 (we've never sold a 356 yet).

Mike and Ruth's Speedster

For the last 40 years Jan and Vic Anderson took care of this beautiful car. Ruth and I couldn't feel more honored and fortunate to be the happy new owners.
This is the 50th Speedster made in 1956; it has a 1600 Super Engine, a soft top, a Glaspar hardtop and the charm of an all numbers matching Speedster.

Eleanor The Lavender Speedster

I bought this car in 1965, it was a graduation present from my folks. Well they co-signed a bank note for me to get the car. It was agreement between my folks and myself that they would co-sign a bank note for me to buy my long time dream car a Porsche if I would stay in High School and graduate So in 1965 when I finally managed to graduate which took me two extra years to accomplish I bought Eleanor. I found her in the Portland area from a add in the Sunday Oregon paper. I lived in Battle Ground Washington at the time.

About my July 64' C coupe


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