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The Passing of Tom Anderson of Carrera Motors

Bill Moore has reported that long-time Porsche enthusiast, Tom Andserson of Carrera Motors in Bend, has passed away. To read more of Tom's background and contributions please visit the website,  http://www.bendbulletin.com/obituaries/3091745-151/paul-thomas-tom-anderson

Maifest and Parade in Leavenworth

Maifest and Festzug at Leavenworth


                                                By David Berner


     For those who have never visited it, Leavenworth, WA reinvented itself many years ago when it had fallen on hard economic times.  It is now a tourist haven in the form of a Bavarian small town and thriving.

Breakfast Time

Hello All!

Just wanted to show some pictures from our last Breakfast at Mitzel's in Kent. We all had a great time with new members attending, lots of sunshine and great cars of course. If you missed it, try to make it next time. laugh

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Bob's Factory Sunroof Coupe

In 1995 I found an ad in the Seattle times promoting an estate sale in progress at the time which contained a 62 coupe with a sunroof and unknown mileage.  I immediately ran out to Woodinville and feasted my eyes on a beautiful white (Ivory) with chrome wheels and the advertised sunroof....all from 40 feet away.  Upon closer inspection the warts began to show up but overall the car was all there and ultimately rebuildable.

Maifest in Leavenworth Tour and Parade


The Chamber of Commerce of Leavenworth is inviting the 356 Group NW again to be the “featured car” for the 2015 Maifest. We will be part of their parade and we will have a designated parking area inside the closed pedestrian zone for all to enjoy our cars. The Maifest includes live music and dance performances. An arts and crafts fair, lots of food, wine, beer and everything else German. We had an awesome time last year, with an endless crowd taking pictures in front of our cars.

Billie, the Assistant

After 42 years of ownership, it's time for a little touch-up. The engine is out of the engine compartment and Billie is in.

Mike & Billie's Lil Red

Owned Lil Red for 42 yrs. Been buried in back of garage for 30+ yrs. Time to get her back on the road.

Christmas Brunch 2014

This year’s festivities were organized by Barbara and Richard Schilling. The program was fun filled and action packed. We had a great room reserved at Mitzel’s in Kent. Barbara and Richard had it nicely decorated as Mitzel’s supplied a festive Christmas tree.

We all enjoyed a few words from our President, Rick Danielson and were treated to pictures from this year’s West Coast Holiday, organized by our club.

Dennison Tour

The Dennison Tour

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Chocolate Cabriolet

First and third owner; original Togo Brown color with original Fawn leather interior, carpet, headrests, Nardi steering wheel, headliner, Blaupunkt Frankfurt radio, chrome wheels, Lietz luggage rack, and tool kit. Numbers matching original transmission and engine. New paint and top in 2012. Competitive Concours winner 107K miles.


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